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[Interview Puzzles Dissected]
Interview Puzzles Dissected, Solving and Understanding Interview Puzzles
$15.95, 300 pages, paperback

Job Candidates, Interviewers, and Puzzle Enthusiasts

Whether you're applying for a programming job or a position on Wall Street, interview puzzles are the norm at many high-tech companies. This book explains how to solve more than 200 of the hardest and most common interview puzzles in use. Interview Puzzles Dissected:

  • Shows how to solve more than 200 challenging interview puzzles
  • Reveals underlying techniques that let you solve problems that you haven't seen before
  • Tells how you can show the interviewer that you can think in an organized fashion
  • Explains how to get "partial credit" when all else fails and you just can't solve a puzzle
  • Includes programming challenges to give you a deeper understanding of puzzles (obviously only if you're a programmer)
Interviewers When used incorrectly an interview puzzle tells you little more than whether the job candidate has seen the puzzle before. This book explains new techniques that you can use to get a better understanding of the candidate's capabilities and answer that all-important question, "Is this someone my team can work with effectively?" Interview Puzzles Dissected:
  • Tells how to discover the ways that a candidate analyzes and solves complex problems
  • Describes variations and follow-up questions that you can use to see if the candidate truly understands a puzzle and hasn't simply seen it before
  • Explains techniques for creating new, challenging puzzles
  • Shows how you can solve puzzles together to further understand a candidate's thought processes and to decide whether the candidate can work in a group
Interview Puzzles Dissected not only shows you how to solve the puzzles, it explains why the solutions work. It exposes the underlying principles that you can use to solve similar puzzles and to invent new puzzles and variations of your own. This book will give you the tools you need to get the most out of interviews both as an interviewer and as a job candidate.
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