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7/24/2014 Find the convex hull of a set of points in C#
7/24/2014 Align text drawn by DrawString in C#
7/23/2014 Sort objects in C#
7/23/2014 Use WMI to get detailed printer information in C#
7/23/2014 Display font samples on a computer in C#
7/22/2014 Let the user select rectangular areas in an image in C#
7/22/2014 Optimize JPEG compression level and file size in C#
7/22/2014 Format file sizes in KB, MB, GB, and so forth in C#
7/22/2014 Easily save and restore a form's settings in the Registry in C#
7/22/2014 Change image file types in a directory in C#
7/21/2014 C# Helper RSS feed
7/21/2014 Resize pictures in a directory in C#
7/21/2014 Resize images and save the results in C#
7/21/2014 Save images with an appropriate format depending on the file name's extension in C#
7/21/2014 Load images without locking their files in C#
7/20/2014 Save and restore program settings in C#
7/20/2014 Calculate logarithms in different log bases in C#
7/19/2014 Convert between Excel column numbers and names in C#
7/19/2014 Make a transparent form and let the user move it in C#
7/17/2014 Set tab positions inside a ListBox or TextBox in C#
7/17/2014 Draw a Mandelbrot set fractal with smoothly shaded colors in C#
7/17/2014 Use a Complex number class to draw a Mandelbrot set fractal easily in C#
7/17/2014 Draw a Mandelbrot set fractal in C#
7/16/2014 Programmatically adjust the splitter in a SplitContainer control in C#
7/16/2014 List installed fonts on your system in C#
7/16/2014 Get command line arguments in C#
7/16/2014 Calculate compound interest over time in C#
7/16/2014 Find controls by name in C#
7/16/2014 Make a string extension to determine whether a string matches a regular expression in C#
7/16/2014 Make random groups of people or other objects in C#
7/14/2014 Randomize arrays in C#
7/13/2014 Make an extension method to convert numbers into words (as in "one thousand eight hundred twelve") in C#
7/13/2014 Evaluate mathematical expressions with code in C#
7/13/2014 Download files from the web in C#
7/13/2014 Execute ad hoc database commands such as CREATE TABLE, INSERT INTO, DROP TABLE, and so forth in C#
7/12/2014 Measure elapsed time in C#
7/12/2014 Use resources to hold images, text, and other data, and load it at run time in C#
7/12/2014 Place a notify icon in the notification area in C#
7/12/2014 Search files in a directory hierarchy for a target string in C#
7/12/2014 Create controls at runtime and add them to a form or inside a container in C#
7/11/2014 Draw a Barnsley fern fractal in C#
7/11/2014 Override ToString to allow controls such as ListBox to display objects in C#
7/11/2014 Draw rotated text in C#
7/11/2014 Add items to the Send To menu
7/11/2014 Programmatically add new rows to an unbound DataGridView control in C#
7/11/2014 Draw a Buddhabrot fractal in C#
7/11/2014 Draw a Hilbert curve fractal in C#
7/10/2014 Test different methods that compare directories to see which files they have in common in C#
7/10/2014 Compare directories to see which files they have in common in C#
7/10/2014 Draw backwards text in C#
7/10/2014 Get a disk drive's serial number in C#
7/10/2014 Get information about a disk drive such as size and available space in C#
7/10/2014 Play system sounds: beep, asterisk, question, etc. in C#
7/9/2014 Problems with comments and links in older posts
7/9/2014 The older C# Helper blog posts are once again available
7/8/2014 Switching the blog to WordPress
6/26/2014 Welcome!